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Some words about us

The Greek Wine  is a commercial site with sole purpose the promotion of Greek wine. It is designed to list Greek companies related to wine and provide internet presence for wineries around Greece by promoting their products. The site was created  by Lysp Ltd a software company and started its operation on October 1st 1999.

People who support the site are wine professionals working in different areas of the wine industry. The site's objective is to become the meeting point for everyone looking for information on Greek wine products. The site's contents are constantly updated.

The site is divided into the following major sections:

Wine matters
This section  focuses on information relative to viniculture in Greece.
Wine essentials
This section is of general interest in wine and  its subjects change every  month.
Wine links
This is our business directory with links to companies and professionals around Greece
Wine trade
This section is an  online trade center which offers a variety of fine wines. 
Wine articles
Each month  selected wine articles are posted  on the front page. 


The people at thegreekwine.com will  really appreciate your comments and suggestions. Write us and tell us what you like to see on our site. Or send  a letter to

c/o thegreekwine.com
100 Aigaiou St
New Smyrna, Athens
Greece 171 24
Tel: +30 210 9310500, +30 210 9358094
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