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Wine and food balance....

The taste balance between wine and food has always been a subject of discussion between oenophiles. 

Although there are some basic rules used to identify wine and food pairing it does not mean that these rules are absolute, things change constantly so are our likes and dislikes. 

Only through personal experimentation one can finally say that they discovered a certain taste they like. And again, they can always change their mind later. 

Talking to people it is certain that they will all agree on this: 

  • white wine pairs with white meat and 
  • red wine pairs with red meat

Some also agree that 

  • white wine is best with light food and 
  • red wine is best with heavier food

Some like to pair food and wine by matching the smell. 

Some general guidelines exist as far as the drinking order of wine during a meal :

  • white wine before red wine
  • young wines before aged wines
  • dry wines before sweet wines
  • soft wines before tannic wines
Never pair a wine with food that is sweeter than the wine is. 


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